Unleashing Excellence in Hazardous Areas

Step into a world where safety meets expertise, where compliance is our mission and your peace of mind is our priority. At AEP Global, we take pride in our CompEx certified inspectors, delivering unparalleled solutions for hazardous areas. Whilst adhering to ATEX/DSEAR standards and guided by the esteemed IEC 60079-17, we provide the ultimate advisory experience. Our seasoned inspectors boast a wealth of knowledge, garnered from their extensive journeys across the globe, partnering with leading operators.

Our resource database houses a select cadre of EX inspectors, renowned for their unrivalled expertise. With their guidance, we seamlessly navigate the intricate maze of legislation and standards, ensuring your project inspections are executed flawlessly.

Embrace excellence, embark on a journey of compliance, and trust in AEP Global to orchestrate a harmonious synergy between your aspirations and the ever-evolving demands of hazardous areas.

Elevate Your Installations to Unparalleled Heights

At AEP Global, we go beyond mere inspections. Our team of seasoned engineers and inspectors possesses a wealth of specialist expertise, honed through years of rigorous training and proven competence. Holding a remarkable array of CompEx certifications, including Ex01-Ex04, Ex05-Ex06, Ex11, and Ex12, our experts are primed to deliver excellence in every facet of your installation.

Exquisite Inspections, Crafted for You

Experience the implementation of a meticulously tailored hazardous area inspection program, designed to cater to your unique needs. Our comprehensive approach encompasses initial visual, close, and detailed inspections, leaving no stone unturned in ensuring uncompromising safety and adherence to regulations.

Swift Solutions, On the Spot

Witness the power of immediate rectification. Our adept team stands ready to tackle on-the-spot rectification activities during inspections, sparing you the hassle of additional planning or potential downtime. With AEP Global by your side, seamless efficiency becomes the cornerstone of your operations.

Maintenance Perfected, Hassles Eliminated

Unleash the true potential of your Preventative Maintenance strategy. During times when your core crew is engrossed in operational duties, AEP Global seamlessly steps in, providing a team of experts to assist with visual, close, and detailed inspections. Additionally, we excel in “fail fix”; solutions, swiftly resolving failures as they occur. Furthermore, our adept technicians can handle isolations once familiarization of the plant has been established, allowing your Operations team to focus on vital tasks, secure in the knowledge that your inspections are entrusted to seasoned experts.

Unlock the potential of your installations, embrace a world where excellence meets safety, and let AEP Global pave the way to unparalleled success in hazardous areas

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North Office:

Blyth Workspace, Commissioners Quay,
Quay Road, Blyth,
Northumberland, NE24 3AF


South Office:

OrbisEnergy, Wilde Street,
Lowestoft, Suffolk,
NR32 1XH

Name & Registered Office:
AEP Global Ltd
Lothing House
7 Quay View Business Park
Barnards Way
Lowestoft NR32 2HD
Company No: 12355843

ISO 9001 14001 45001 608x200

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